Learn to love your waves, coils & curls

Love Your Curls


As a stylist who specializes in the caring, cutting and maintenance of naturally curly hair (and having struggled with my own frizzy hair during my growing up years), I feel compelled now to teach others how to manage their beautiful curly hair.  I’ve found the secret to curly hair success and I want to share it wholeheartedly.  That’s what I’ve built my business on; sharing the curLove.  I also have a daughter who I want to be able to teach  how to embrace her curly hair right from the start.

Remembering the struggles I had with my own hair back in my junior high years (and how I never want to relive it), I realized I have the knowledge about curly hair to share with young Curly Girls.  I know what to do to make curly hair look great and I can help foster a better sense of self-esteem when I can teach them how to manage their waves & curls every day.  Self-esteem in life ( and especially junior high) is tied directly to your outer image, and if your hair is not behaving, you feel self-conscious about it.  I know because I have been there and it doesn’t feel like all that long ago.

I have an opportunity now to alleviate young girls of some of the hair struggles I had when I was a young teen, and to help boost self-esteem about the curls they were born with.  Anyone can learn to love their curls with guidance.  I hope to be a young Curly Girls guide; a ‘Fairy Curlmother’ so to speak.  I am starting right at home with my own little girl.  My goal this year is to speak at events and encourage young Curly Girls (or those young at heart) by telling my curly story and showing step-by-step techniques on how to care for their curls on a daily basis.

I want Curly Girls to love their curls and be proud to wear it curly all the time! I hope to enlighten Curly Girls (and ones in hiding) about the many benefits of living an authentic life by embracing the unique way you were made.  I started this social media hashtag (#campaignforcurls) and I hope you will use it online and join me in showing the world your curly hair pride, and that anyone can wear their natural texture with confidence and style.  I look forward to sharing the curLove with you.

Are you interested in having me speak to your Curly Girls?  Please get in touch by emailing: curlspecialist@gmail.com and we’ll start a conversation.


Love Your Curls: #KristaLeavittCurls #campaignforcurls