Learn to love your waves, coils & curls

New Here? FAQs

How often will I have to get my hair cut?

Clients can plan on getting their hair cut 2-4 times per year depending on how they like to wear their hair. 

Why do we need to use products without silicones and sulfates? 

Sulfates are in your cleansers and they strip the hair of moisture. Silicones are in most conditioners (professional and drugstore) and build up on the hair to create a barrier to the water that is trying to hydrate your hair.  When the water can’t penetrate, you end up with more frizz because the hair is so dry underneath the layers of silicone (aka liquid plastic).  Think of it like water off a ducks back, or a pepperoni stick that’s been shrink wrapped.  For Curly Girls who wear their hair curly all the time, these two ingredients in haircare are detrimental to defined, healthy, frizz reduced curls.  On a humid/rainy day, when your hair starts to frizz and expand, it’s trying to reach out for the water in the environment like someone who is thirsty in the desert!  When you remove sulfates and silicones from your hair care routine, your curls can finally get the hydration they need from water during your washing/styling process, and the hair can fluctuate with the environment better. This results in beautiful, juicy, frizz reduced healthy curls!  You pay attention to what ingredients are in the food you eat, so consider paying attention to the ingredients in your haircare.

What is a Deva Cut and why should I get one?

A Deva cut is a method to which curly hair is cut dry, paying respect to each individual curl by addressing it where it lives. Conventional wet cuts stretch curls, thereby causing the curls to spring up unpredictably and with un-favorable results when dry.  Each curl is cut bluntly at the end, and layering has a gradual “cascade” effect. No thinning or texturizing techniques are ever used in this method.  Because each curl is allowed to make a full rotation with a smooth, finished end, clients with a Deva cut usually find they can go longer between visits.

Do you work with all hair types? Barely wavy to kinky curly?

I cut every type of curl…from barely there waves, to tight coils  and super coily hair.  Curl is curl and it is my job to know how to cut every curl pattern. I may employ different cutting and styling methods for each curl pattern, as we know not all curls can be treated the same.  This is why I have taken advanced and specialized training in curly hair to be able to address every curl pattern.  If I don’t know, I am not afraid to ask a curly Hairstylist colleague for help.  I love waves and curls and want you to know the best version of your hair possible.

Where are you located?

I only share my address with clients after they’ve booked an appointment and it will be sent to you with your booking confirmation email (check your junk mail).  I work from a private boutique salon, by appointment only.  

What if I want to straighten/flat iron my hair after my haircut with you?

My Custom Cut will be visually even when worn curly.  When styled straight, it will not appear even as it was not cut with traditional haircutting methods.  (Sidenote: You will need to use silicone heat protectants to protect your curls if you do choose to straighten after using the sulfate/silicone free products I recommend).  Remember, even one flat iron session can damage your curls as the keratin inside your hair will start to melt at any temperature over 250 degrees.  If you want to wear your hair straight, then really think about if my services are for you.  You may be better served with a different stylist cutting your hair using their traditional methods.  I believe for your curls to look their best, they need to be worn curly every day, and for the client to have a dry haircut service that is meant for wearing the hair curly.  

Can I still colour my hair?  Do you offer colour services?

You can still colour your hair, but keep in mind that going lighter (all over colour or highlights) will be the most damaging to your curls and can cause your curls to relax and even straighten pieces in some cases; depending on how your hair takes the colour…staying close to your natural colour or going darker is always gentler.  If you’re curious feel free to ask my recommendations and I will gladly offer my two cents. 

I choose not to colour hair at this time.  My passion is truly in teaching you how to wear your hair curly, as well as giving you the best darn haircut of your life!  You are welcome to continue to colour your hair with another stylist, and come to me for my custom dry haircuts and curly hair education.

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