*This blog post is the first in a series of Curly Girl Secrets that I am sharing with you, so you in turn can share the curLove with others you meet.*
BEFORE: LEFT-Brushing my hair when dry

AFTER: RIGHT SIDE-Using the Curly Girl Method to Style, No brushing. Fingers only to detangle when wet.

There are people walking around in every city and town across the globe with frizzy, poofy, brushed out hair.  Brushing naturally textured hair has been the norm for a long time.  Just look at the above picture of my hair brushed out!  As a child, I was taught that I needed to brush my hair in order to ‘control it, keep it neat and remove tangles’.  That same advice has misguided too many curly girls, for far too long.  Those people who that have figured it out, are now enjoying their hair everyday following the Curly Girl Methods.  When people come up and ask, “HOW do you get your curls to do that?! They are beautiful!”,  you can reply with some curly hair secrets.  The first one can share with them is…

Secret #1TOSS THE BRUSH!  Whether wet or dry, brushing does nothing more than shatter your curls and create MORE FRIZZ! Use your fingers while in the shower when your hair is saturated with water and conditioner, and YES, the brand of conditioner does matter. Some don’t have enough ‘slip’ and you end having to rip through it with a brush or comb to get your tangles out.  Look for ones with good ingredients such as DevaCurl One Condition or Jessicurl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner.

At the recent ‘She Makes it Happen’ Women’s Fair in Barrie, Ontario on March 8th in celebration of International Women’s Day; I decided to have a booth and showcase what I do to the public.  I’m new to the town I’m living in so I thought what better way to get out and meet people.  I completed a few basic ‘wash & sets’ on some new models to share a true picture of a ‘real before and after’ for the show-goers.  This particular model was a perfect example of why you shouldn’t brush away your curls…
This model normally uses shampoo and conditioner, then picks her hair out when it’s dry.    As I was co-washing her hair she said to me, “I don’t think it’s right, not to brush your hair”.  When we were done and her hair was dry, her curls revealed; she said she never wanted to wash it again!  I’m assuming she won’t want to brush these awesome curls again either…

Are you a curly girl practicing these NEW modern day methods of ‘controlling your curls, keeping your hair neat, and removing tangles’?  Now that you know better, you can do better.  So now here is my call to action for those of you who have figured it out.  SHARE the CURLOVE!  Share your secrets with those who compliment you on your hair.  Those tips and tricks have a ripple effect and can help people on their path to embracing their curls too.  You know, that cashier at your favorite grocery store, the acquaintance you KNOW has waves & curls hiding under her frizzy locks, or your family member who you’ve been dying to help? What tips can you give them in a loving way that will encourage them to try and define those waves and curls?  Well, you can start by mentioning how you notice they have wavy/curly hair, that you have some secrets you would love to share with them.  Then you can tell them a few tips that have helped you along your path to loving your hair.  You can start with SECRET #1 above, and then refer them to my blog and have them read about all the tips that I share here.  It’ll do their curls some good, and you’ll feel great having helped someone else.  Sometimes it’s just about planting a seed, and when they are ready, they will seek out the information to help themselves.