Alrighty Curly Girls…this one secret I have to share with you is short and sweet.

When I show & tell clients this movement during my Private Curl Class, it’s very easy to remember when you pair it with that cute catchy hit song by Megan Trainor, ‘All About That Bass’.  It can make a huge difference in the final look of your curls!  The more you lean, and I’m talking LEEEEAAAAAAN into that diffuser (90 degrees to each side and upside-down) and when applying your styling products; the more lift and life you’ll have to your curls when you’re done styling!  Even cleansing the scalp is easier upside-down and conditioner gets worked through the curls more thoroughly and is kept away from the roots for fine haired curlies. Leaning upside-down also lifts curl clumps off your scalp for more height in the root area.  Applying your products while leaning to the sides and scrunching curls upside-down pulls curls away from the head and will help your curls start up higher in your finished style.  You can achieve more rotation and wave in each clump of curls when you lean.  Even plopping/plunking your hair into your t-shirt towel is better when you lean into it, almost like going into a summersault right down on top of the curls.  It also makes clipping WAY easier when the hair is already lifted off the scalp in ready-made clumps; it’s like the curls are showing you where to put your DevaClips!  This leaning secret just an all around excellent tip for everyone with curly hair.

So, the next time you’re styling your curls from shower to drying phase to ‘scrunching out your crunch’ stage; remember this article and that catchy song.  Just change up the lyrics to, “It’s all ’bout that lean, ’bout that lean, no trouble’ and you’ll be loving your curls!

<3 KL