Do you get a warm, fuzzy, happy and excited feeling that your curly hair is beautiful and accepted just the way it is, when you walk into a salon or go to visit your stylist? Or do you get the “oh lordy, we don’t have enough time to deal with your hair today look”, and you’re made to feel like your textured hair is something to be fixed?

Modern day media has been sending the message forever, that in order to be have beautiful hair you need to force your naturally textured hair into submission to be accepted.  Well, I’m here to tell you that’s a whole bunch of horse @*$# (pardon my french) and that you can wear your hair any which way that makes YOU happy! The biggest bunch of garbage I hear (that makes me so mad!) is: ‘curly hair is not professional’.  But here’s the thing…it IS professional because it’s YOUR HAIR!  You were born with it…it’s part of who you are, and you don’t need to change it for any workplace (unless you’re in the military, that’s a whole different kettle of fish).  Are people who wear their straight hair told that it’s not professional? NO!!!  So wavy, curly, and super curly hair should not be any different.  That’s called a double standard and I will not accept it.  Dr. Phil says, “you teach people how to treat you”, so let’s start teaching those around us about how our us and our curls are to be treated.

Sure, we can enhance our curls and create a more polished look with the right products and methods of applying them; but we should never feel we have to change our hair to be something it’s not, for anyone but ourselves. *Members of Curly Hair Artistry have been known to privately shed a tear for the young women who are given a brazilian blow out, or keratin straightening treatment in the stylists’ chair next to us.  Do those clients feel it’s their only option? Do they feel society has impressed upon them that their waves & curls are something to be straightened to be accepted?  Maybe they just don’t know they actually have curly options or that naturally curly hair will ALWAYS have at least a bit of frizz? (that’s what gives it it’s personality!).  As a collective group who’s passionate about helping others embrace their natural texture, we always wonder.  I have to admit I die a bit inside when I see curls being blown out beside me…

Curly Hair Specialists’ passion in life is to show people of texture their naturally beautiful hair.   Once they were shown how lovely it is, I know most wouldn’t ever feel the need to go straight again.  Yes, they may want to every once in a while for something different, but they wouldn’t feel any real need to because they’ve learned to love what natural texture they were given…If you’re someone who already knows your naturally textured hair, loves it, and you’re educated about the risks to your curls when having such procedures done and you STILL want to have it done; then all the power to you…“You do You and I’ll do me and we’ll be as happy as we can be”…sounds like a line from Dr. Seuss, but I just thought of it. HA!  Check out the image below…”Just when you thought straight was going to be your thing…and then you found your curls”.  I personally feel that what you were born with naturally, is what flatters you best. That’s just my humble opinion. 😉

Stylists who are dedicated to curls (like I am) really DO spread the message of, “you’re beautiful, just the way you are”.  In fact, we live it out daily with the messages we uplift our clients with.  Hairstyling is one of the few professions where we are licensed to physically touch others.  We often touch things like hearts and minds too, when we show you how to bring out your natural texture.  Often, clients are so happy with their hair for the first time in their life…all because they’ve discovered their natural texture and embraced it.  People who have embraced their natural texture, collectively  feel that we didn’t “go natural”; we decided to cherish what we’ve been given  Curl Specialists want to give the gift of curLove to every person of texture we meet.  We know the freedom of spirit, lightness of heart, and ease of mind that comes with loving, accepting and rocking what you were born with.  We also know that when we share the curLove, there’s a ripple effect…our clients love to share the curlove.  It’s so exciting to bring joy to others, and isn’t that what life is all about?

The moral of my story is:  find a salon (and a stylist) that makes you feel welcome, that makes you feel that your hair is beautiful just the way it is when you walk in.  One that wants to enhance what you’ve been given naturally, but never makes you feel you have change it to be accepted to what society has ‘dictated as beautiful’.  That is the best place for you because your hair is beautiful JUST the way it is.  Work on loving your natural texture, JUST the way it is and the rest will fall into place.  The confidence you feel in your own skin when you come as you are, and leave as you; is nothing anyone can touch.


*As always thanks to my Curly Hair Artistry members for sharing their hearts and helping me to create awesome blog articles!