“Your tolerance for frizz and lack of definition determines how many days you can go before you wash and reset your hair. Everyone is different and it’s okay if you need to wash and reset each day, as long as you’re using sulfate and silicone free products to do it. ” ~ Krista Leavitt

 – Curl Specialist

Here are my thoughts on how you can go longer between shampooing:

Every day after your first initial wash day, your hair will get bigger and bigger (more voluminous and more frizz) and your curls will lose definition and flatten from sleeping. Your personal tolerance tell you when you need to wet-down/wash again.  Some curly girls who can go longer between washing either:

1) have thicker, curlier hair than you which makes it easier to go longer 😉

2) love and welcome all the volume and frizz that comes with multiple day hair

3) are fully wetting their hair down at some point(s) during those “10 days” they talk about but maybe only co-washing their hair (washing with conditioner)…

There is confusion as to the definition of what “multiple day” hair means. When I talk about multiple day hair, I mean only using a spray bottle to refresh each morning after that initial wash day; dampening the hair and tweaking it. The curly girls who say they go a full 10 days before washing may be doing a complete wet down and product application in the shower 2-3 times in that 10 day period but just not shampooing. Wetting down in full would make curls look more behaved than someone who went 10 days with just a spray bottle. They may also truly go 10 days with a spray bottle and their curls look fabulous and that’s awesome too! You just need to know their full curl story before comparing your hair to theirs.  You may end up being an everyday ‘wet down’ kinda curly girl because you love definition and very little frizz that it gives you. That’s cool too!

If you want to go longer before fully wetting down, either for your wash day or a co-wash and don’t mind some functional frizz and body, try these tips below:

~ Sleeping on a Satin Pillowcase (I’ve recently found a company in Canada that will make me satin pillow cases out of bridal satin and I LOVE them!)

~ Pineappling your hair at night if it’s long enough

~ If your hair is shoulder length and above, you may find better luck sleeping with your hair in a BUFF or satin cap.

~ Using a fine mist spray bottle (6-8 oz) that contains 1-2 teaspoons of conditioner in it as your refreshing mist (play with the amount to find what’s right for you and you can also add things like aloe vera to it), spraying about 50% damp or rewetting fully then diffusing.

~ Finger coil/skip curl some curls to smooth them out or glide a little more styling product down on top of the hair and give it a little scrunch to revive the curls.

~ Find a silicone free dry shampoo (Living Proof at Sephora has one) to massage into your scalp to refresh every few days.

In the end, remember; it’s all up to YOU how long you go before fully wetting down your hair. I usually go a full 3-4 days before I wash and reset. For a healthy scalp, it’s best to cleanse your scalp at least 1-2 days per week. Giving your scalp a vigorous rub with your fingertips and sulfate free shampoo will help remove build up and help stimulate follicles to help in hair growth and reduce chances of acquiring dandruff, as dandruff is actually a fungus. Get in there and remember to be scrubbing off your cleansing products as sulfate free products don’t always remove themselves with rinsing alone, whether you are shampooing or co-washing.

Yours in curls,

Krista xxx