February 2019

Often we have a vision in our heads of what kind of curls we’d like, or a vision of what we want our hair to do; this vision can leave us feeling deflated when we don’t get the results we are trying so hard to get each wash day.

We try to follow the tips we learn on the internet to get similar results, and often we fall short and we don’t really know why. It leaves us feeling like we will never figure our hair out.   We know the fastest way to learn about our hair is through personalized guidance, but where do we even look for that?  Does this service even exist?  Who is going to help us? IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?!  It can feel like a lonely existence sometimes.  We continue to struggle to figure out our hair without the help we so desperately need, because we think we are alone.  We devour all the free content we can find to try and get our hair to cooperate. We know there’s potential in there, but we just don’t know how to reach it!

Frustrated with frizz? I used to be!

Here’s the straight up facts: Your hair will only do what it will do. Literally, it has a limit as to how amazing it can get.  You WILL reach it once you learn how to work with your hair, but you’re going to need some help to get there… Unless you want to spend years of your life searching for the answers to finding your full wave and curl potential,  you need some personalized help to teach you how to use the products and techniques to help you reach your hair goals.  You can spend years surfing the web, wasting tons of money buying and trying products that never seem to work out, and spend your days feeling unsatisfied with the inconsistent results you’re getting...


You can join the thousands of wavy and curly girls who have gone through my training in the ‘Style Your Curls With Confidence online course, become part of a supportive and informative curly community, and get real time answers to all your curly hair questions.

Not only will you have direct access to a seasoned Curly Hair Specialist when you join the course, but also to hundreds of other curly girls who used to feel JUST like you.  Between the online course and the exclusive support group, we will help you discover your OWN method of working with your hair that will help you reach your full hair potential. You will reach the top, and we will make sure you get there.  No curly girl gets left behind!

These curly girls in our community are amazing.  They have walked in your shoes, have felt your frustration, and are now enjoying predictable wavy and curly hair everyday. The investment they have made in themselves has given them peace of mind because they finally learned the full potential of their waves and curls. They’ve arrived at a place of self acceptance now, and feel confident in the knowledge that they’ll get predictable results every time they wash their hair.

You see, you CAN learn how to style your hair with confidence.  After going through the course,  you will understand why what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, you will learn what WILL work for you, and you will save time and money. Most of all, you will stop wondering about the ‘what if’s’, and get down to enjoying your hair for the natural beauty that it is.  You know how I know?  Because I have been where you are before, and I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel you’re currently in.  Let us help you.

xo Krista

Photo credit: Victoria West Portrait

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