March 2019

Webinar 1: The Protein Misconception

If you’re as confused as every other curly girl out there about the ingredient “protein”, then you are not alone. This month, your blog article is actually in the form of a webinar!  Filmed by Dr. Susan Walker and myself; you’re taken through a full presentation with Q&A on proteins, protein sensitivity, and so much more.  This was originally done live, but we’ve recorded it because we knew it would just be so valuable and jam packed with information you need to hear.  This webinar was the first in a series we’d like to do to help educate others about naturally curly and textured hair.

Here’s a little bio about the both of us if you’re new to my blog:

Susan is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and certified Trichologist. She is the Founder and Creative Director of the Earthtones Naturals product line, a premium Canadian hair and beauty product line line of formulated to address many of the needs unique to women with naturally curly and kinky hair. Susan’s goal is to help women love their natural hair and hosts hair care workshops, events and Love Your Hair™ parties to accomplish this. She has been a speaker and workshop presenter at various national and international conferences including the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show in Atlanta, the Toronto Natural Hair Show, The Canadian Naturalista Hair Expo and the Natural Hair Congress in Montreal.

Krista is an accomplished stylist of 16 years, and helps women of all ages and curl types discover how to transform the daily frustration of unmanageable hair into head-turning waves and curls.  She is one of Canada’s Leading Curly Hair Specialists.  She use a step-by-step process with her clients that gives them a customized styling experience that works in the salon and at home.  She is also the creator of the “Style Your Curls With Confidence” online course. Lovingly created, with the intention of giving the opportunity to everyone to absolutely love the hair they were born with!  She’s on the stylist panel in CURL magazine, as well as a contributor and on the board of advisors.

Sit down, pour yourself a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and get ready to myth bust with us! This is the first in a series of myth busting all things curly girl.  Click this link below to watch the replay of the webinar:

Curly Hair Fake News: The Protein MisConception Webinar

If you love it, share it!  We can’t wait for you to join us…

xo Krista