Owner of Kingston, Ontario’s FIRST Curly Hair Salon!


I’m a naturally Curly Girl just like you! I remember back in junior high, at the height of my embarrassment over my puffy, uncontrollable hair.  On picture day in grade 9 I actually burned my face trying to smooth out my bangs with a curling iron so no one would see my frizz on picture day. At that time, I didn’t even realize I had curly hair; I just felt that I was cursed with bad genetics and lifelong frizz.

You see, I have had wavy hair my whole life but never knew it until I a few years ago when I discovered my waves almost by accident, when trying to help a neighbour with her untamed curls.

As a child no one knew what do with my mop; my mother didn’t know what to do with it, and neither did Hairstylists.  They didn’t realize it was wavy because it they have always been trained to smooth it out.  My hair was always brushed and blow dried smooth in an effort to make it look “neat”. Back then in the 80’s, this was just standard practice and I can’t fault my parents for not knowing what to do about it.  I remember to this day at at family gathering someone saying, “her hair always feels like hay!”

In junior high, I struggled to feel pretty and fit in (as most of us do during these middle school years); but I was so self conscious about my hair. I was the frizzy haired girl with braces and acne and UV tinted glasses…I wanted to shrink so small so no one would notice me.  I would go to sleep wearing a winter hat or sleeping on top of my hair like sleeping beauty; dreaming I would wake up with smooth, sleek, straight hair. But you and I both know that never happened. So…years passed and eventually I grew out of the acne, I got some contacts, but the frizzy hair was still ever present. I can remember the day I discovered that my hair crimper also came with flat plates! Oh, I was so happy!

In my early twenties, I ended up enrolling myself into a Cosmetology program, hoping to learn the art of taming my frizz among other things that interested me. I was taught how to straighten the frizz with hot tools and blow out the waves and kinks with a round brush and hairdryer. What I was learning was to temporarily fix the hair to look smooth…still not being taught how to actually work with natural texture to enhance it. After clients left the salon, their hair would always revert back to very frizz they were wishing never existed. Their haircut was just like my dream; when I woke up every morning as a teen wishing for straight, sleek, smooth hair. Smoothing the hair is a temporary; and disappointing when our real hair reveals itself with the next wash.  But I didn’t realize that what I was learning and doing for clients was a problem. I thought straightening and smoothing the hair was the answer to every curly girls problem, and I was going to make curly girls feel beautiful with my new skills.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was perpetuating this cycle of curly girls never being happy with their hair longterm (only for a few days after their appointment) with the conventional cosmetology training I had received.  I spent the next 10 years as a hairstylist thinking this was the way to manage wave and curl, smooth out the hair and make the frizz disappear. I just didn’t have the right education and training to know how to bring out someone’s full curl potential. I didn’t yet know that frizz was just a curl waiting to happen!  The one sentence I read when I was trying to help my neighbour with her curls and that changed everything for me was, “where there is frizz, there’s a curl waiting to happen.” A light bulb went on, and I knew my world was about to change once I learned how to manage my own waves.

I was so eager to help clients uncover their true beauty and the beautiful curls they were unaware of for years. I had been there and had crossed over to the other side where I was loving my own hair and I finally had the solution to their frustrations; to help them embrace and learn to work with their natural texture instead of against it. I opened my first salon at home, started offering curly hair services on my menu, and it became so successful that I decided to specialize in the field. Clients were beginning to love the hair they were born with and wear it proudly as something that was unique, beautiful, and part of their true identity. They started throwing their hot tools in the trash and embracing their natural curls.

It was then that I realized I was no longer a traditional hair stylist. I was giving my clients confidence that lasted longer than one wash. They looked in the mirror and smiled.  Their energy changed. They truly felt attractive! It was transformative to witness and they left with styling skills that would change their life forever.

I realized through finding my own natural curls that there were Curly Girls everywhere who have been waiting for someone like me their whole life! Many years ago now, I started on education for curly hair, and the rest is history.  I truly used to be right where you are, feeling the same way about my hair, until I discovered how to not only give myself the curls of my dreams, but how to teach clients all over the world how to do it on their own at home too.

About the salon: I’ve developed a unique haircut & service experience to teach Curly Girls how to care for and embrace their hair. Exclusively serving wavy & curly haired girls of all ages; I specialize in the sculpting, styling and daily maintenance of your unique hair.  I use sulfate, silicone, and paraben free products in my boutique studio, and I am keenly interested in botanically, naturally, and organically derived ingredients in haircare products going forward. I am constantly updating my education in curly hair at seminars all over the US and Canada.  Although I have cut and styled all hair types; I am choosing to focus on my passion which is wavy, curly & super curly, tightly coiled hair. My dream is to reach and impact as many curly haired women and young girls as possible, while I’m blessed to be on this earth. I book one client at a time in a peaceful, private atmosphere; so there may be a little bit of a wait to get in to see me but I can promise you its worth it! I use our one-on-one time to teach you all about your curls and give you a great curly hair education experience. I want you to be able to have success on your own at home every day after your visit with me. I am passionate about curly hair and that’s the kind of person you want working on your curls!


Training: I am a Deva Inspired (level 1) and Advanced Stylist (level 2), a Curly Hair Artistry member, a Head Shape Matters Certified Stylist, and a natural hair advocate. I have been a Licensed Stylist for 16 years and have my Red Seal Certification as well as my Ontario College of Trades Certificate.730867_orig


I’m also on the Advisory Panel for Curl Magazine, a stylist on the panel, a contributor and writer.

Click through the tabs to learn about me, read my blog articles, learn about your curls and while you’re at it, tell a curly friend, co-worker, family member; someone you care about who needs some curly hair help. It’s all part of sharing the love of curls and embracing what you were born with.

With gratitude,

Krista xxx