I’m Krista Leavitt and I’m on a Mission to Redefine Beauty for Curly Girls of all Ages

Krista Leavitt

After struggling with frizz my entire life, I went to cosmetology school in 2002 thinking I would learn how to tame my unruly hair. But, the traditional methods taught to stylists – wet cuts, straighteners, round brushes, and blow dryers – were intended to smooth curly hair not enhance it. Sleek, straight hair was the only definition of beauty shared with Hair Stylists… in fact, the message has still not changed in my industry.

Fast forward ten years and I had a wonderful epiphany. While reading a book I found a passage that changed my life and the trajectory of my business.

“Frizz is just a curl waiting to happen” 

                                   Lorraine Massey, Creator of the Curly Girl Method

I dedicated myself to learning how to cut, style, and care for hair to enhance natural waves and curls. This journey inspired me to specialize in curly hair to help bring the same confidence and joy I felt with my own hair transformation to women and girls on their curl journey. 

I opened a private boutique salon and it’s here where I spend one-on-one time with my clients teaching them how to care for and style their hair. Our first session is no fewer than three hours and includes a dry cut with training and education so you can maintain your style at home with confidence. The skills you leave with will last forever. The experience is truly life changing.

Women Leave My Salon With Confidence that Lasts More than One Wash

“When I left my curl class and cut I felt like a whole new person. Not only was my hair looking and feeling great, I was too. I left Krista’s salon with a new confidence in my own skills to achieve my curl potential because she had equipped me with her knowledge and a routine that was tailored specifically for my hair.”

Amanda Marr

“Krista has a real gift for figuring out hair and what works with it. She listens to what you know about your hair and understands that not every head fits into a certain type. I wasn’t a rookie to curly hair care when I went to see Krista but she helped me understand my hair a little better and had plenty of suggestions on how to better control it and improve the texture.

I also love that she has an “after care” club for any lingering questions or issues.
And she always responds. I especially loved the one on one session instead of balancing 2 or 3 clients at a time. That was unexpected and great.”

Lyne Savage

To Serve More Curly Girls, an Online Course was the Next Logical Step 

Private one-on-one sessions are wonderful and allow me time to get to know my clients and their hair, but I want to reach women and girls outside of my local area. To make this a reality, I developed a course that offers detailed video lessons and ongoing support through a private Facebook group.

In the course, “Curls with Confidence,” I’m able to demonstrate on video the same techniques I share with in-person clients. If students have questions, I’m available in our active Facebook group.

Distance Students Achieve Amazing Results

“I decided to give myself the gift of that course and I signed up and I did it and I don’t regret it. My friends and family have said, “Wow, Donna, You’re busting out. We see you for the first time.” And, I think they’re right because I hid behind straighteners and I hid behind blow waving and I hid behind pulling my hair back. And, now, for the first time in my life, I’m actually wearing my curls and I’m wearing them with confidence just like Krista’s course promises.”

                          Donna Kirifi,  New Plymouth, New Zealand

“I eventually found Krista on Facebook and I was so excited when I found her because I felt like I had a network of people who understand my struggles, who could help me work through my struggles. Krista has curly hair herself so I knew she knew what challenges there are with trying to style curly hair. I purchased her course about two months ago and worked through most of it and it has been life-changing for my hair. I have learned new techniques, I have learned new tips. I know how to do my hair when I want to. I know how to eliminate frizz. I know what products to use and when to use them. It has been huge for me. I am so grateful and I recommend it to any Curly Girl who’s struggling with her hair and wants to have better hair.” 

                             Sarah Felker, Missouri, USA

The Next Step: to Redefine Beauty in the Hair Industry by Giving Stylists the Skill Set They Need to Work with Naturally Wavy and Curly Hair 

It may seem surprising, but traditionally, cosmetology programs don’t offer training on how to work with and enhance the beauty of naturally curly hair.

Many clients request a haircut and style so they can wear their natural texture everyday, only to leave the salon disappointed with smooth, sleek hair. This happens because Hair Stylists have not received the training to work with textured hair. Many Hair Stylists believe that people with curly hair want to wear their hair straight but I know from experience working with thousands of them that this line of thinking is just not true. If they had someone to guide them, 9/10 would wear their natural curls proudly.

I now realize after years of working in this speciality that there is actually a whole chapter about curly hair missing out of the cosmetology textbook. I designed a curl-specific ‘chapter’ for the stylist community that fills that gap in your training.

Initial results from my hands-on training class and online course for Hair Stylists have been inspiring and the responses have me excited about what lies ahead for our Curly Girl community and the stylists who care for their hair.

Early Feedback for the Online Course

“Thank you Krista for offering this course. I have gotten through 3/4 of the course. I started squishing my own hair & it’s made such a difference. Now I feel like I can confidently share it with my clients. I haven’t ever had this much information on curly hair in all my 35 years in the business. Can’t wait to finish the rest.  I am really excited to use what I have learned.” 

                                           Deneen Hill, Stylist at Bliss Salon of Winnetka

“I am a hairstylist & mother of four girls with curls. My curls I’ve always liked but have never felt full and soft until I decided to take Krista’s ‘Curls With Confidence’ online course. Learning the techniques, products and methods has helped my hair feel softer & fuller. I’m very excited to be embracing and still learning with Krista not only for myself but my children and other women who struggle with their curls.” 

                                  Melissa Antworth, Stylist at Studio 678

Early Feedback for Hands-On Training

“I’ve been doing hair about 10 – 12 years off and on. I loved Krista’s class. I felt super inspired by it. I think the biggest thing I learned was how to start my haircuts. I feel like I always started them from the same place. So, now, I start my haircuts completely different and I feel like they’re better than ever. Thanks, Krista!”

Milly Schnorneagel

“I’ve been styling hair for two years now. I’ve also been a curl specialist for two years now. The class with Krista really taught me how to interact with my clients and make their appointments a lesson for them so they can recreate what we do at the salon at home for themselves. It’s been great and she’s a fantastic teacher.”

Patrick Squires

“I’ve been doing hair for about 12 years. I work with a lot of different textures of hairs. I really love and mostly do a lot of different types of cutting and styling. In taking Krista’s class I felt like it gave me the ability to look at people’s natural texture – whatever that is be it wavy, curly, straight, something in between – and have the confidence to work with the natural texture. I feel more confident to be able to show people how to love their natural texture and really fall in love with their own hair.”

Ali Pike

I am a Curly Girl

I’ve been where you are and I’ve faced the same hair challenges.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • As a child, nobody knew what to do with my hair – not my mom or my stylist
  • In junior high, I burned my face on picture day trying to straighten my hair with a curling iron
  • My hair, as puffy and frizzy as it was, was always brushed and blow dried to make it look smooth and neat 
  • I remember at a family gathering someone saying “her hair always feels like hay”
  • I went to sleep wearing winter hats to try to smooth my hair

These are stories from my life, but I hear similar stories from the women and girls who sit in my chair and have signed up for my course. 

Their results have been nothing short of amazing. It proves that women and girls of any age can celebrate the hair they have rather than struggle to make their curls and waves conform to someone else’s definition of beauty.

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Private Boutique Salon Experience

You are invited to my private salon where you will receive one-on-one individualized training and my undivided attention. Our first appointment will be at least 3 hours and will include a dry cut and hands-on education so you leave knowing how to continue caring for your wavy and curly hair.

I specialize in sculpting, styling, and daily maintenance of natural hair and I create haircuts based on specific curl patterns and head shape. Each cut is original and designed specifically for you.

Products used are free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens. I love bringing awareness to hair care products that contain botanically, naturally, and organically derived ingredients and actively test new products that come on the market.

Training and Achievements

I am constantly updating my education in curly hair by attending seminars and trainings all over the United States and Canada.

In 2019/2020 I was one of four Featured Stylists for CURL Magazine. I also served on the Advisory Board and the Stylist Panel. I continue to write articles educating the curly community about styling and maintaining curly hair.

My training and achievements include:

  • DevaCurl Inspired Stylist (Level 1)
  • DevaCurl Advanced Stylist (Level 2)
  • Curly Hair Artistry Training 
  • Head Shape Matters Certified Stylist
  • Licensed Stylist for 18 years
  • Red Seal Certification 
  • Ontario College of Trade Certificate
  • Natural Hair Advocate
  • First place Achievement award for Highest marks in Cosmetology school
  • Named Canada’s Top Curl Specialist by NaturallyCurly.com, 2015
  • Nominated for Curly Hair Artistry ‘Artist of the Year’, 2014, 2016

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