Welcome, New Clients!

Please note that our Wait List is closed and we are no longer accepting new names on it.

We have changed our booking policy going forward. Once everyone on our current (and full) Wait List has been contacted and given the opportunity to book themselves an appointment, we will be notifying the general public that they may proceed with booking at their convenience, likely by early spring 2019!  We will announce here and on social media when this new process will initiate.

This eliminates the need to keep up with such a long Wait List and should also reduce the amount of time New Clients are waiting for their appointments. *In future, we will open up a month for booking appointments, two months prior to the start of that month.  Stay tuned for more details.*

Please be sure to follow “Krista Leavitt ~ Curl Specialist” on Facebook and @ curlspecialist on Instagram to get all updates and reminders when calendars go LIVE in Spring 2019 for new clients to book in.

*Read through the service descriptions below to find out which kind of appointment is best for you.


(Add 13% HST to all prices below, price may be increased due to length of time required to complete service and changed without notice.  For all cutting services, the ‘Head Shape Matters’ techniques are used, along with the ‘DevaCut’ and ‘Curly Hair Artistry’ cutting methods.)

‘Style Your Curls With Confidence’ online course – $149

This online course has been designed for anyone new to working with their curls, intermediate knowledge, and also advanced levels of experience with curls.  Click on this link to sign up for the course!  It’s the most comprehensive curly hair styling course on the market.

Online Course & Custom Cut $ 299

The ‘Style Your Curls With Confidence’ online course is included with this service and you will be given access to the course via email as soon as your appointment has been booked with full deposit.  This allows you to start practicing the techniques to improve your curls while you wait for your 1.5 hr dry, curl-by-curl, custom haircut with Krista.   During your dry cut, you can use this time to troubleshoot any concerns from your new routine you are practicing at home.  Your custom cut will be done using advanced DevaCurl, Curly Hair Artistry Training and Head Shape Matters techniques to give you the best haircut possible.  This is Krista’s only service that includes a haircut for new clients at this time.  There is no wash and set after the dry haircut is done, but some light multiple hair day refreshing may be done to pick your curls back up after the cut.  You will have opportunity to ask questions about products, techniques and anything curly hair related at your scheduled appt time.

Note: If you choose to cancel your haircut anytime after paying your deposit and being given access to the Style your Curls With Confidence online course, the price of the course will be deducted from your refund. You have up to 48 hrs before your schedule appt date/time to cancel and receive a refund for the dry haircut.  Read the Salon Info and Policies page to fully understand the deposit and cancellation policy.

Client must arrive FULLY detangled. If not, we will spend all our time detangling and will not be able to complete the in-person class.


(add 13% HST to all services below. For all cutting services, the ‘Head Shape Matters’ techniques are used, along with the ‘DevaCut’ and ‘Curly Hair Artistry’ cutting methods)

 Custom Dry Cut – $149

This 1.5+ hr haircut appointment for established clients is when I complete a dry cut on your own freshly washed and fully dried curls; a service where you do your own wash and set when you get back home.  If time allows, quick tips on refreshing your curls will be shown. Bring an elastic if you want to tie it back after you leave.