Contact and Booking:

If you need to contact me on short notice (eg. directions or changes to your appointment) you can text me at 613-661-8881 and I will respond ASAP.  All contact for other inquiries can be made through Please try not to book anything else directly after your appointment with me, as we do not want to be rushed to complete your service, and drying times for hair cannot be predicted, especially on your first visit.

My address will be sent to you in the booking confirmation email. The salon is in the east end of Kingston, ON.

Cash, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted forms of payment for products and services. Credit cards are gladly accepted, cash is greatly appreciated.

Preparing For Your Appointment:


  • Use a clarifying shampoo within the week of your appointment to remove buildup.
  • Arrive with your freshly hair cleansed (Day 1 hair), styled how you normally wear it, and completely DRY. Using products as you normally do is fine.
  •  Do your very best at removing all tangles.
  •  Do not wear hats, ponytails, elastics, barrettes, clips or hair accessories of any kind as they distort the curl resulting in an inaccurate cut.
  • Take the time to watch and read as much of the online course as possible. It is expected that at minimum you have watched the first six original videos of the course.

Working through the online course prior to your appointment allows you to experiment at home with the techniques and methods taught. We can then fine tune your routines and techniques and I can offer more specific and advanced advice for you and your curls. For your first appointment, please set aside the full 2.5 – 3 hours. Going forward, curly girls usually book in for cuts 2-4 times per year.

You and I are a team. By combining your curly education from my online course , the proper preparation for your appointment, and my dry cut techniques and in-salon conversation with you, you are sure to have a truly enjoyable service and leave with the most beautiful hair! Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

What to Expect:

The method I use is curl-by-curl cutting, consisting of a combination of the Head Shape Matters hair cutting system,  the Deva-Inspired method of dry cutting, and Curly Hair Artistry techniques I have learned. I shape the hair dry, wash and style your hair, then dry it with some tips specifically for you shared during your appointment.    We will discuss any struggles you may be having and adapt your routine and techniques to your lifestyle to find what works best for you.  Sometimes it takes a couple of visits to get the perfect system of products and styling instructions for an individual to achieve the look they truly want but you will end up with an awesome haircut!  Each appointment will build on the skills you’ve already learned and I you’ll likely learn something new at each appointment.

Salon Policies:


Are sincerely appreciated and are solely at your discretion. I set aside all tips for future curly hair education.


I encourage you to arrive just 5 mins prior to your appointment; as I usually take the full amount of time on each client and wouldn’t want you sitting too long waiting. Services at the Clubhouse begin and end on time as best as I can manage it.  Sometimes curly hair services, especially drying times cannot be predicted and I always do my best to stay on time.  If you arrive and cannot wait, please let me know asap so I can reschedule your appointment at a mutually agreeable date/time.


Please be considerate and turn your cell phone to vibrate and only take calls if necessary. I want to be able to complete your service without delay and with your full attention; as I have so much to share with you!


When you book an appointment, I set that time aside just for you and I DO NOT double book. A minimum of 48-hrs’ notice is required if you wish to cancel or re-schedule your appointment.

For new clients:  If you need to cancel your appointment, please email ASAP to avoid penalty. I will not be held responsible for cancellations that are called in, texted in, sent to the wrong email address or not sent in accordance with this policy.

  • If you choose to cancel your haircut anytime after paying your deposit and being given access to the Style your Curls With Confidence online course, the price of the course will be deducted from your refund. You have up to 48 hrs before your schedule appt date/time to cancel and receive a refund for the dry haircut.  If a cancellation is made with more than 48 hours’ notice, the deposit for the dry cut is refunded or forwarded to the new appointment date/time.

• If a cancellation is made with less than 48 hours’ notice, the full deposit is forfeited as a late cancellation fee. If clients simply do not show up to their booked appointment without notification, the deposit is forfeited as a no-show fee, and you may not make any future appointments without payment in FULL at the time of booking.

For returning clients: Give as much notice as possible to cancel or reschedule appointments, 48 hrs notice is requested.  If less than 48 hrs notice to cancel or reschedule is given, you will be sent an invoice for 50% of your appointment price.  Be aware that if you ask to reschedule your booked appointment, you may not be able to get a rescheduled appointment date for several months as Krista is in high demand.  If you do not show up to your booked appointment, you will be sent an invoice to cover the cost of the full appointment price and will be required to pay the full cost of your next appointment at time of booking.


In fairness to other guests; if you arrive late, I regret that I may not be able to accommodate your full service on that day. I make every effort to maintain my schedule and minimize wait times. However, sometimes for reasons beyond my control, waiting periods may be longer than normal. If a delay occurs I will inform you as soon as possible and will reschedule your appointment if you are unable to wait. I suggest pre-booking appointments before you leave each service, so you can be guaranteed the best appointment time for you. Should you be running late, I will hold your appointment for 15 minutes provided I hear from you. If you are more than 15 minutes late without notice, you may be charged and asked to reschedule.


My booking service will automatically send you a text/email reminder within a few days advance of your appointment.  ALSO, when you initially schedule your appointment, a confirmation text/email is generated by the booking system and sent to you.  Please check your spam box if you do not receive this confirmation.  Add my email to your list of contacts in order to receive all email appointment notifications.


I welcome nursing mothers & babies. I am a mother too!  When infants grow to crawling stage and older; the salon is not a safe place for them as it is full of chemicals, hot irons and sharp objects. Please leave your little ones with a family member or sitter when you come for your appointment.  This is so we can avoid injury to the ones you care about most. The salon is of a smaller nature and in my home, so I would prefer you came alone to your appointments, other than if it’s a service you have specifically booked to have two people done at the same time. Thank you for your understanding.


Haircuts are non-refundable but will be adjusted, as long as you make your request within 14 days after your service. I will book a 15 minute appt to make some quick adjustments.  After that time period, then you must rebook for another appointment at full price.  Products can be returned or exchanged within 14 days for a full refund or exchange.

Site Policies:

Click here for information regarding our website usage and privacy policy.

Other Important Tips:

• It can take up to 2 months of caring for your hair with your new curly haircut and maintenance methods before your curls reach their full potential and be free of sulfates and silicones. Be patient.  We need to reverse the many years of damage to your curl pattern; from straightening, blowfrying, combing and brushing out your curl.

• As a bonus, you are able to join my exclusive client only online group on Facebook after purchasing my online course; where you’ll have access to ask questions anytime to myself or other Curly Girls who have gone before you!  I don’t want you to feel alone at any point on your curly journey so I’ve created this group just for you for support.

• I take before and after photos of clients to track progress and as reference for us both. I may or may not use these pictures in social media outlets (and when I do don’t use identifying front shots without your permission); only the back or sides. Remember that these photos are useful for other Curly Girls to see and helps them to feel confidant that they too, will receive a positive result. Please keep in mind I cannot post every before and after as I take many per day. Please let me know if you prefer I do NOT use your before and after photo on social media.

• If you’ve had a DevaCut in the past and did not like it, remember just like 5 artists painting the same thing; everyone interprets it in their own way. The outcome can be dramatically different with each stylist that you visit.

What You Need to Know Most of All:

• 1/3 of this process is a good dry curly haircut

• 1/3 of it is switching to Sulfate/Silicone free products and using the right proportions for your hair type

• 1/3 of it is learning how to work with your curls, which I will teach you!  Experimenting with my curly methods at home is a must.  Feel free to use these new tools you will learn and adapt them to what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Together, we will get your curls looking fabulous!

Krista Leavitt ~ Curl Specialist