A Webinar You Won’t Want To Miss!

A Webinar You Won’t Want To Miss!

A Webinar You Won’t Want to Miss!

April 2019

Last month, Dr. Susan Walker, ND, WTS and Founder of Earthtones Naturals and I joined forces to share our knowledge and educate the curly hair movement about the misconceptions around protein when it comes to our hair.  If you missed it, you can catch the replay here.

On April 15th at 1pm EST, we will be hosting the second part called ‘The Moisture Misconception’. We’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about humectants, glycerin, silicones, and even “glycerin sensitivity”.  You will not want to miss this informative session!  If you’d like to join us live, you can use this link to register, as we’ll be taking some questions from viewers too, so sign up if you have questions…I know you do!

The replay will also be available which you can watch by subscribing to my YouTube Channel.  I’ve got lots of new content that will be landing there in future so subscribe if you like what you see and want more.

We will also broadcast live on the Earthtones Naturals Facebook page.  You can watch it there live as it’s happening if you can’t commit to registering.  There are lots of options because we want you to have this education.  Knowledge is power, and we have received so many thank you’s and support from the first webinar, we just know this education is needed.  Share this with your curly friends so they know where to go for trusted curly hair resources.

Now for me, I’m off to spend some precious time making memories with my bestie.  I’ll catch you when I get back and hope to see you live inside this webinar!

xo Krista